Historically, shares have proven to provide the highest return of all the asset classes

The iInvest Experience

Our specialised team of advisors provide guidance for all levels of investors, tailoring your experience to help meet your investment needs.

As our client, iInvest Trading & Advisory will provide you with daily research, economic updates, and trading ideas.

You can trade any of the shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), plus many international shares at competitive prices.

iInvest Trading & Advisory lead the industry with astute knowledge and proven results repeatedly.

What we look for in a company

  • Solid Yields for Income
  • Strong Board and Management
  • Strong Cash Flow
  • Strong Industry Position (Pricing Power)
  • Strong Balance Sheet
  • Strong Growth Story for Capital Appreciation

How Can Shares Build Your Wealth?

Income producing

As a shareholder you’re entitled to a share of the company’s earnings in the form of regular dividend payments.

Capital Growth

When a company grows and expands, profits increase, the value of the company increases and so does the stock and thus share price.

Tax Concessions

Benefit from the tax credits you may receive with your dividend payments. Capital gains tax concessions are also applicable if selling at a profit after holding the shares for a year.

Who Should Invest In Shares?


The individual looking to maximise returns on their investments through the use of different investment vehicles. Utilize our team of experienced brokers to make your money work for you.

Set (but not forget) portfolio

Someone that has an existing share portfolio that are too time-poor to conduct their own research and make necessary adjustments. Our advisors support you in your financial decisions, maximising returns on the growth of your portfolio.

Planning for Retirement

Has an existing portfolio but needs some assistance to ensure it is well-positioned into retirement in terms of stock allocation. May want to take greater control of their investments by establishing a SMSF. Our team can help to structure your portfolio so the dividends can accelerate your wealth into retirement.


Has an established portfolio, maybe a SMSF, and requires the expertise of our experienced advisers to ensure the portfolio consists of a diversified mix of strong companies paying good dividends. May require specialist advice in terms of protecting the value of the portfolio.


A new starter in the market and wanting a better return on savings than the banks are offering in a current low-interest-rate environment. Might be a parent investing in parcels of shares for their child or themselves, a uni student wanting to start a small portfolio or any other person with savings who is looking for a better return.


An investor that understands markets and uses share trading to maximise returns in the short term. Requires the advice of our experienced trading desk to talk strategies and prices.

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