One-off Sale of Shares


A fast and efficient process to sell your shares


in person or online

We will do the hard yards for you with an uncomplicated approached to gathering documentation. Our team can assist you in-person or online to simply and efficiently sell your shares.

Experienced advisors

We are continually selling parcels of shares for clients and non-clients. Our advisors are approachable and here to help with any questions you may have.


Once the documentation is received, shares can typically be sold within a trading day, with the funds will be deposited into your nominated account two days later.

Our Process

You Will Need
  • Your Shareholder Reference Number or ‘SRN’. This can be found on a holding or dividend statement for your shares. We require a copy of this statement.
  • Original Certified Identification for all shareholders.
  • Completed One-Off Sale forms.

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