Managed Portfolio Service


Our MPS takes the stress out of selecting and managing a portfolio of Australian Shares.

Australian Core Equity Model

Australian Dividends Opportunities Model

Australian Small Companies Model




The portfolios offered have an impressive track record of performance in line with how we manage all our strategies, with target returns of 8-12% p.a. over a 5-year horizon.


You will have full visibility of the investments in your portfolio and access to all supporting research reports to understand why and how investment decisions are made on each occasion.

Experienced Team

The combined team of iInvest and Banyantree has a formidable depth and breadth of experience across trading, investment research, portfolio management, institutional advisory and direct listed and unlisted business management across a range of industries. The team has also navigated through various market cycles over the past two decades.

Independent Research

Our internal research capability covers all areas of the market and its asset classes. We have the ability to look for opportunities at the macro level and develop a deep understanding of any company we recommend. We are not reliant on input from any external provider with their biases.

Conflict Free

At no point do we collect fees from managed funds and companies we invest through our portfolios or recommend in our research. We also do not charge any performance fees which may drive short term thinking.



No Style Bias

Our strategies are style agnostic. Investment opportunities are assessed on their own merits and not through the lens of growth, value, momentum, or quality.

No Performance Fees

Our clients keep the returns which we generate from their funds. We are incentivised to perform so clients continue to invest with us.

Low Turnover

Our portfolios typically exhibit low turnover. We are long-term investors and not interested in constantly turning over the portfolio.

Unprecedented Transparency Backed By Proprietary Research

Our clients get full access to our research notes on all the stocks they own intheir portfolios.

Direct Ownership

Unlike Managed Funds and ETFs you have direct ownership of the shares andcomplete transparency of performance and costs.

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