Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a client of iInvest Trading & Advisory, how do I get access to your research and ideas?
  • To access our research and trading ideas, you must first become a client of iInvest Trading & Advisory. Please contact us to find out more.
How do I open an account to trade with iInvest Trading & Advisory?
  • You will need to complete the iInvest Trading & Advisory Client Application Form. You can find these forms on the client documentation page.
  • You will also need to provide us with appropriate identification for each account holder. If you are opening an account in the name of a company, trust or a super fund, you will need to provide additional documents as noted in the Acceptable Client Identification list.
What is the minimum amount that I can invest to buy some shares?
  • The ASX minimum investment in a new parcel of shares is $500, although we recommend a minimum of $2000.
  • You will need to consider the brokerage costs involved with trading, as with each new trade, there will be a new brokerage charge.
Can I pay for the shares I purchase with cash?
  • No. Payment for shares with cash is not permitted. Payment with a credit card is also not permitted.
  • Client’s are able to pay for shares either by B-Pay, direct debit or from their linked Cash Management Account.
When are funds due to pay for the shares I have purchased?
  • Settlement on all share trading is T + 2, which means 2 business days after the trade date.
    • Example: If you purchased shares on a Monday, the funds to pay for your shares, plus the brokerage charges, are due on the following Wednesday ie. Two business days after they were purchased.
When will I receive the proceeds for shares I have sold?
  • Settlement on all share trading is T + 2, which means 2 business days after the trade date.
    • Example: if you sold your shares on a Monday, the proceeds received for selling those shares, less the brokerage charged, will be paid to you on the following Wednesday.
What type of advice does iInvest provide?

iInvest Trading & Advisory provides both General & Personal Securities Advice.

How much brokerage do you charge per trade?
  • Our standard brokerage rate is a minimum of $110.00 or 1% plus GST
    • Example: If you were to purchase one parcel of shares for a total of $5,000.00, you would pay $110.00 plus GST on this trade (total of $121.00 including GST)
    • Example: If you were to purchase one parcel of shares for a total of $15,000.00 you would pay $150.00 plus GST on this trade (total of $165.00 including GST)
  • Please note that brokerage applies to each separate order per security, and not the aggregate total of your orders. The same brokerage rates apply to buy and sell orders.
  • Larger accounts & orders may be negotiable.
Are there any charges to open an account with iInvest Trading & Advisory?
  • No. There are no charges involved to open an account with iInvest. There are also no ongoing fees to keep your account open.
  • If we perform any other service for you where a fee is to be charged, this will be disclosed to you beforehand.
How do I update my address or contact details?
What is CHESS?
  • CHESS stands for the Clearing House Electronic Sub register System. CHESS is operated by the ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation (ASTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the ASX.
  • CHESS handles the settlement of trades on the ASX. It does this by transferring legal ownership of the shares while simultaneously facilitating the transfer of funds to settle the trades.
  • Client’s shares can be held on CHESS with their chosen broker, and they are held on the client’s individual HIN and holding statements are sent out to the client’s registered address.
  • For more information, please read the ASX Overview of CHESS brochure.
What is a HIN?
  • HIN stands for Holder Identification Number. It is the number that the CHESS system uses to register a client’s account details and the shares held on that account. The HIN will also identify the broker where the holdings are held.
  • If you agree for your account to be CHESS sponsored, you will be issued with a new individual HIN by your broker.
If I have a HIN with another broker, can I trade these shares through iInvest Trading & Advisory?
  • Yes. If you hold shares through another broker on a HIN, you will need to complete one additional form to transfer these shares across to iInvest Trading & Advisory
    before you can trade them through us.
    There is no cost involved with transferring shares between brokers, and iInvest can arrange this easily on your behalf.
  • Once you complete the required broker transfer form, the other broker is required to transfer your holdings to us within two business days, as required by the ASX.
  • Please contact us so that we can assist you in transferring your shares over to iInvest.
What does Issuer Sponsored mean? What is a SRN?
  • An Issuer Sponsored holdings means that your shares are held directly with the company share registry, as opposed to being held on a HIN with a broker.
  • SRN stands for Security Reference Number. This number identifies your shares with the share registry, just like a HIN identifies shares held with a broker.
Can you add my Issuer Sponsored Shares to my account with iInvest?
  • Yes. If you hold shares that are Issuer Sponsored and these shares are in the same name as your existing iInvest account – You simply need to send us a copy of the Issuer Sponsored holding statement and request to add these to your iInvest CHESS holdings.
  • If the shares are not in the same name as your existing iInvest account, please contact us so that we can discuss your options.

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