Exchange Traded Options


Access broader diversification with Exchange Traded Options (ETOs)

Why Trade Options with iInvest?

With decades of know-how the iInvest dealing desk offers a tailored approach to trading options, with one goal in mind, to maximise your wealth.

Our uniquely experienced team of advisors can review your share portfolio and suggest a hedging strategy to protect it.

Or, for the more market savvy experienced investor, we can offer trading ideas to help you maximise income and yields.

With our finger on the pulse, the iInvest Trading & Advisory team can be relied upon to offer you exceptional advice when trading options.  Setting ourselves apart as the leading retail options trading desk in Australia.


  • Ability to handle high- volume traders
  • Competitive margin requirements
  • Ability to trade combination orders
  • Trading ideas to suit your financial needs

How can Exchange Traded Options build your wealth?

Income producing

Options can make money in both a rising and falling market depending on the strategy employed.

Benefit from leverage

Ability to make a higher return from a smaller initial outlay. Gain greater exposure to the underlying stock and benefit from price movements in the stock.



Hedging strategies reduce uncertainty and limit losses without significantly reducing the potential rate of return.

Greater market exposure

As the initial outlay for options is less, investors can diversify their portfolios and gain a broader market exposure.

Who should invest in Exchange Traded Options?

Options can be suited to a variety of investors, from those who understand trading and the concept of leverage, to the savvy investor wishing to protect their existing assets.

Shrewd Investor

Understands markets and uses the stability in different sectors to generate a more immediate income than that which would be possible by just holding the underlying. Requires advice to identify the sector and potential gain.

Experienced investor

Has an existing share portfolio and requires advice as to how best protect it.


Understands markets and uses options as a trading vehicle. Requires the advice of our options adviser to talk strategies, prices and margining.

Get Started with iInvest Trading & Advisory

Get Started with iInvest Trading & Advisory

Apply today – you can select from an Individual, Joint, Company or SMSF/Trust account.

Get started with ETO’s and reap the rewards – protect your share portfolio against a drop in value, earn income by selling call options over shares you already hold, diversify your portfolio and gain broader exposure to a range of shares, or even a market index, and much more! Complete the following form to get started.

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